Brian Shay

Visual Program Design Team

Brian is an accomplished veteran designer who has staged hundreds of shows for the international marching arts competitive community. His custom show designs have helped performance ensembles earn many division titles and visual caption awards at the regional level and in the WGI, DCI, BOA arenas. Brian is an alumnus of Santa Clara Vanguard Drum & Bugle Corps and was the drill writer for Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets 2015 & 2016 seasons.


Steve Rojas

Percussion Caption Head

Steve attended Saddleback High School in Santa Ana Ca from 97-2000 he learned how to play marimba, tympani, bass drum and tenor drum. Upon graduating high school joined the U.S. Marine Corp and served until 2006. During his time in the military he also made time and began teaching. Starting at his alma mater, he taught Saddleback HS for a few years winning several honors and the division championships. After that he went on to teach Westminster, Hawthorne, Century, Ayala and several other high schools winning high recognition, sweepstakes, division in their respective school.

Steve also marched DCA with the San Francisco Renegades under the direction of Scott Johnson, Kent Cater and a few other staff from Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard.

During 2009 and the 2010 season Steve formed his own independent drumline called Riverside Independent Percussion which competed in WGI and SCPA again winning high honors and winning the PSA SCPA championship in 2010. From their he continued his musical career in consulting with different schools, and also score writing for TV shows and movies.

Jen Swanek

Cymbals Consultant

Jen is a 32 year veteran to the artistry of all things Cymbalic. She began her career performing with world renowned Drum & Bugle Corps and winter drum lines, such as the well remember Velvet Knights Sex Cymbals. Jen was also the first female to earn a spot in the prestigious Santa Clara Vanguard Cymbal line. After performing, Jen went on to develop her unique approach to cymbal technique through teaching at competitive organizations such as Pacific Crest, Velvet Knights, Gold, USC, UCLA, CSUN, RCC and high schools across California. Her instruction produced an impressive amount of talented performers that won many accolades through the years in DCI, SCPA, ADLA and WGI.

Jen performed this summer with the Santa Clara Vanguard Alumni Corps Cymbal line. Currently she is teaching the World Class Broken City Percussion cymbal line, Chaffey HS marching band, and is a percussion teacher at St Francis High School. She is a consultant and clinician for several other independent percussion groups in Southern California and across the country, and serves on the judging staff for the American Drum Line Association.

For more than 3 decades, Jen has continued to cultivate interest and encourage musicians to become accomplished cymbal players, including her son that is now a skilled cymbal player forging his own path in the competitive drum line world. Her dedication and motivation has inspired her students to pursue and develop their own cymbal expertise, as they teach at well known organizations across the country.